1)  Field petroleum Units

2)  Origin of the petroleum

3)  What is a petroleum reservoir?

4)  Reservoir engineering what it is?

5)  Reservoir engineer abilities

6)  Reservoir characterization:Static Model

7)  What is Petrophysics?

8)  Resrvoir rock properties

9)  What are the main petrophysicalpropeties we need for 3D geological Model?

 II– Petrophysics

1)  Resrvoir rock properties

       a) Porosity

         - Definition

         - Commercial & source measurement of the porosity  

        (coring tool/illustration of core loading + sidewall rotary coring tool)

         - Exercice

         - Factors govering the magnitude of porosity

         - Packing (variable packing effiiciency & grain size)

         - Distribution effect on primary porosity

         - Sandstone porosity types /Summary

         - Carbonates porosity types /Summury

         - Idealized carbonate porosity  types

         - Exemple of carbonate porosity

         - Pore-space classification

         - Geological classification porosity

         - Example of Vuggy porosity

         - Sandstone porosity measured by various techniques

         - Rock density

         - Wettability (definition)

          - Saturation: definition + Archie equation – a review

          - Original hydrocarbon in place (OOIP,OGIP) :different Categories of original hydrocarbon in place

          - Capillary pressure

                * Interfacial tension

                * Capillarity pressure equations (PC)

                * PC vs . SW

                * Effect of capillarity pressure on SW

                * Use of PC

                * PC VS.SW function reflects reservoir quality

                * Conversion from laboratory to reservoir

                * Initial distribution of fluids