Petroleum from formation to final products


Course Content 

1. What is petroleum ?

2. Petroleum Historic review

3. How petroleum  was formed

4. Where to find petroleum: Geological considerations

5. How to find petroleum:

- Geologic studies

- Geophysics

6. Drilling operations:

- Percussion drilling

- Rotary drilling

7. Formation evaluation:

- Coring

- Well Logging

- Well Testing 

8. Well Completion

9. Natural flowing and artificial lift

10. Field development

11. Reservoir Management

12. Production facilities:

       Well effluent separation and treatment

13. Crude oil and natural gas transport and storage

14. Oil and gas processing and final products:

      Crude oil refining, gas liquefaction,  petrochemical industry

15. Tunisia and world statistics:

     Production, reserves and consumption

NB : This training can be delivered in Frensh Language