Wellhead , BOP & Well Control




Chapter I: Well Head  & BOP

 1- Well Head and BOP

     a) Introduction

     b) General  view of BOP &  Well Head

 2- Casing Heads descriptions

     a) Casing Head Housing

     b) Casing Head Spool

     c) Design of Flunges

     d) Types of flanges (6B,6BX)

  3- BOP Description

       a) Single BOP ( photo)

       b) Double BOP (photo)

       c) Different types of BOPs

       d) RAMs BOP

·     Blind Rams

·     Blind Shear Rams

·     Pipe Rams

·     Variable Rams


Chapter II: Annular BOP

 1- Annular BOP

    a) Annular BOP (photo)

    b) Annular BOP :Types Hydril GK

    c) Annular BOP with Screwed Head Hydril

    d) Annular BOP :Latched Head Hydril

    e) Packing Unit

    f)  Packing Unit Types

    g) Components of Annular BOP

  2– Accumulator Unit

    a) Accumulator (Photo)

    b) Bottles (Schema)

    c) Functioning System (Mounting)

    d) Description

    e) BOP Panel