Well stimulation


 Course Content 

1. Concept of Damage and Skin

Type of Formation Damage

Causes of Formation Damage

2. Introduction into Well Stimulation

3. Objective of Well Stimulation

4. Well Stimulation Services and Techniques

Wellbore Clean up

Acid Stimulation

Type of Acid used

Acidizing of Carbonate Reservoir

Acidizing of Sand Stone Reservoir

Acid Additives

Factors Effecting Acid Reaction Rate

Execution and Economic Evaluation

5. Sand Control


Causes of Sand Production

Sand Control Mechanism

Design Criteria of Gravel Packing

Gravel Packing Fluid

Gravel Size and Quality

Open Hole Gravel Packing

Cased Hole Gravel Packing

6. Hydraulic Fracture

         Overview of Fracture Use

Parameters of Fracturing Design

Hydraulic Fracture Methods

Hydraulic Fracturing Material

Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring

7. Coil Tubing

Coil Tubing Feature

Components of Coil Tubing

Coil Tubing Application

Advantages of Coil Tubing