Well Performance and Nodal Analyses



Well Inflow Performance

1) Objectives

2) Types of Flow Models

  a) Linear

  b) Radial

3) Radial Flow

 a) Pressure Drawdown in the Wellbore

 b) Darcy’s Law

 c) Radial Diffusivity Equation


4) Productivity Index (PI)

5) Straight –Line IPR

6) Vogel’s IPR & Generalized IPR

a) Vogel’s Method for Two-Phase Flow Reservoirs

b) Vogel IPR for saturated Oil Wells

c) Multiphase Flow

d) IPR of Under saturated Oil Well producing at pwf below the bubble-point

e) Combination Single Phase Liquid & Two-phases Flow

f) Well Inflow Quality Indicator (WIQI)

g) Flow Efficiency

7) Gas Well IPR

8) The “SKIN Effect” Concept

a) Positive SKIN

b) The Stabilized Inflow Equations incorporating “SKIN”

c) Straight-Line IPR & SKIN

d) Straight-Line IPR  & Reservoir Pressure

e) Actual IPR vs ideal Model IPR

f) Three or Four Points Test

g) Future IPR

h) Gas Reservoir

i) Calculation of IPR Curve

j) Using  the Real Gas Pseudo pressure (Pp (p))

k) Transient Flow +IPR Curves

l) Horizental Well IPR

9) Summary