Well Operations



I– Rigless Operations

1) Wireline or Slickline

   a) Definition

   b) Tool String

   c) Rope Socket

   d) Swivel Joint

   e) Sinker bar (stem)

   f) Jar

   g) Knuckle Joint

   h) Knuckle Jar

i) Tool String OD

j) Operating Tools

k) Running Tools

l) Pulling Tools

m) Running & Pulling Tools

n) Lock Mandrel

o) Kick-over Tool

p) Shifting Tool

q) Gauge Cutter

r) Sample bailer

s) Tubing perforator

t) Impression Block

u) Fishing Tools

v) Wireline Cutter

w) Wireline Surface Equipments


    -Weight Indicator/Load Indicator

    -Reel System

    -Stuffing Box


    -Quick Unions

    -Blow Out Preventer (BOP)

    - Mast

    - Bleeder Valve

    - Wireline Control Unit

    -Wireline Reel

2) Electrical Wireline Operations

 a) Production Logs

(Caliper, Gamma Ray,Neutron,Gradio-manometers,Pressure Gauge,spinnel flow meter..)

 b) Remedial jobs

3) Coil Tubing

a) Definition

b) Uses

c) Coiled Tubing Activities

d)  Coil Tubing (Components)              


       - Tubing Guid Arch

       -Service Reel

       -Power Supply / Prime Mover

       -Control console & Monitoring Equipments

       -Well Control Equipments

       -Down Hole Equipment connectors

Þ Connector

Þ CT release Joint

Þ Circulating port

Þ Check Valve

Þ Knuckle Joint

Þ Jetting Nozzles

Þ Pulling  Tool

Þ Over shot

Þ Release Spear

e) Coil Tubing Operations

4) Snubbing

a) Definition

b) Components of Snubbing Units

   (Pipes Tripping, Work Basket , Hydraulic Jack, BOP’s , Stationary Slips , Traveling Slips)

c) Operations

III– Work Over (WO)

1)  Introduction

a) Definition

b) Main reasons to WO a well

c) WO Techniques

d) WO Process

e) Preparing the well for WO:

·   Killing fluid

·  Methods of well killing

·  Put the well under Safe conditions

·  The WO Rig

·  Installing the WO rig

·  WO fluid

·  Milling Out the permanent  packer

·  Releasing a stuck pipe

·  Freeing the stuck pipe

2) Fishing Operations

a) Outside Fishing Tools (Over shot, Die collar)

b) Inside Fishing Tools

(Taper Tap, Milling Tools , Side Tracking , Casing Repair, Casing patch, Remedial Cement job)

IV-Well Abandonment

   1) Definition

   2)  Procedures

   3)  Cement Plug