Predictive maintenance techniques and vibration monitoring




Day 1:
1.1 Condition monitoring in the oil and gas industry
1.2 Machinery vibration: Why is monitoring vibration important?
1 3 H i M hi Vib ti d ibd?
1.3 How is Machine Vibration described?
1.4 Review and Quiz Questions

Day 2:
2.1 How is machine Vibration measured ?
2.2 Piezoelectric accelerometers
2.3 Vibration Condition Monitoring
2.4 Vibration monitoring and Fault detection
2.5 Quiz and Review Questions
2.6 Practical vibration measurement and Analysis

Day 3:
3.1 Oil Analyis
3.2 Review and Quiz questions on Oil Analysis
3.3 Thermography
3.4 Review and Quiz questions on Thermography
3.5 Case studies in Oil and Gas industry
3.6 Course evaluation