Open Hole Logging




This course is designed to provide trainees with the Fundamental petrophysical concepts and equations as well as the most important classical well logging methods; the theory of operation and advantages of each logging tool is discussed in details. In addition, it covers the basics concepts of all the petro-physical calculations. By the end of this course, trainees are expected to be able to evaluate clean formation reservoirs electrical log and calculate Rw, Sw, geothermal gradient, and calculation and estimation of oil and gas reserves.




1) Basic Introduction to Oil Exploration.

2) Big Picture First

3) Why Log a well

4) So what’s a WPS Job like?

5) 8 Hour Radiation Safety

6) Basic Rig Up Equipment (RUE)

7) Basic Drilling Fluids

8) Basic Mud Meter & Mud Press

9) Basic Open Hole

10) Basic SP theory

11) Basic Natural Gamma Ray

12) Basic Density Theory

13) Basic Neutron Theory

14) Basic Resistivity DLLT-MSFT

15) Basic Induction & DFL

16) Basic Full Wave Sonic (FWS)

17) Basic Depth Control