Level 1: Process Control , Instrumentation and Valves & Workshop



•   Introductory Guide To The Principles Of Process Measurement & Control

•   Recognize the Basic Roles of Control &  Instrumentation (C&I) in Oil & Gas

Industries Onshore & Offshore

•  Recognize the Main Physical Parameters used in Oil & Gas Industries

•  Know what is an Instrumentation Field Loop

•  Recognize the Basic of Distributed Control System (DCS)

•  Recognize the basic of Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)

•  Recognize the Fire & Gas Detection System (F&G)

•  Know How to Differentiate about the Various Valves

•  Learn how to read Process & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDS)



Training Program Split Over the 3 Days


1.Pressure Definition & Measurement

2.Temperature Definition & Measurement

3.Flow Definition & Measurement

4.Level Definition & Measurement


1.Process Instrumentation Control Loops

2.Types & Functions of Control Valves

3.PSV, PRV Purpose


1.Purpose of DCS, ESD and Fire & Gas Systems

2.Reading & Identifying Various P&IDs

3.Reading & Identifying C&E Logic Diagrams

Day-4: Workshop