Level 1: Introduction to Oil and Gas Industry




Give an overview on oil and gas exploration and production activities

Basic terms

Basic concepts and processes in oil and gas exploration and production


I - Introduction:

Situation of the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons

Global landscape

II - What is petroleum?

Importance as primary energy

Different form of energy

Petroleum as raw material

What we produce from Wells


Hydrocarbons atom component

General chemical formula

Physical form & chemical constituents

III – Petroleum formation

Origin of oil

How Petroleum is found?

Where Petroleum was found?

Historical uses of Petroleum

IV – Exploration

Geological studies

Geophysical studies

Drilling exploration

V – Drilling a well

Principle of rotary drilling

Rotary drilling rig

Drilling bits

Drilling Fluids

Classic drilling phases

Well casing and cementing

Well control

Different types of drilling units

Formation evaluation

Well testing

VI - Well completion

Production string


VII – Oil & Gas Production

Conventional Oil Processing

Conventional Gas Processing

Storage system

VIII - Utility Systems

Control and Safety Systems

Power Generation and Distribution;

 Flare and Atmospheric Ventilation;

Instrument Air

HVAC (Heat, Ventilation, Air Conditioning system for rooms and

Water System (Sweet   water, sea water, ballast water)

Chemical and Additives

Telecom services

Logistic: transport, cranes.

IX - Storage & transport of Hydro-Carbons

X - Crude refining

XI - Used standards & used units in oil and gas industry