Introduction to Instrumentation and Process Control to Operator



This course covers Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Process Control highlights Sensors, transducers, and Smart Transmitters; Temperature, Pressure, Level and Flow Measurement.

Control Valves, on-off valves, pressure safety valves and special valves are treated.

This course  explores the critical relationship between instrumentation and distributed  control systems ( DCS)


Course Content

· Process loop introduction

· Typical application : three-phase separator

· Basis for PID, Guideline in selecting PID structure, Action

· Introduction to loop dynamics, tuning and control

· Control strategy documentation, Flow Sheet, P&ID, Loop Sheet

· Standards and symbols

· Measurements basic transmitter types (pressure,level,temperature & flow)

· Process control terminology and symbols

· Field wiring and communication

· Final elements : control valves

· Safety valves : SDV / BDV

· Pressure safety valves

· Choke valves

Process Control Workstation & Delta V DCS :

The process control workstation and DeltaV DCS  is used to give the opportunity to students to apply in practice the theory they have learnt






Didactic and cutaway equipments

Didactic and cutaway equipments engaging participants in theexamination of real equipments