Drilling Special Operations



The objective of this course is to let the future Petroleum Engineers know about the special operations performed during drilling, for geological and reservoir evaluation: Coring and Drill Stem Test, or for drilling under specific and non-common conditions such as Under Balanced Drilling, Managed Pressure Drilling, Slim Hole Drilling and Offshore Drilling. They will also learn about the common drilling hole problems how to avoid them and how to solve them and how a dry hole is abandoned safely. 


  1.    Coring 
    2.    Drill Stem Test - DST 
    3.    Under Balanced Drilling - UBD 
    4.    Managed Pressure Drilling - MBD 
    5.    Slim Hole Drilling 
    6.    Drilling hole problems 
    7.    Offshore Drilling Operations 
    8.    Well Abandonment