Drilling for non-specialists


Main Topics


       1.            Drilling Terminology and Drilling Process for completing Oilfield Operations

1.1        Definitions

                    1.1.1.      Oil Field/Gas Field

                    1.1.2.      Different Types of Reservoirs

                    1.1.3.      Offshore Drilling Rig (Jack-Up Rig, Semi Submersible Rig, Drilling Barge)

                    1.1.4.      Onshore Drilling Rig

                    1.1.5.      Production Platforms and Drilling Slots

                    1.1.6.      Rig Contract

                    1.1.7.      AFE definition

                    1.1.8.      Well Prognosis

                    1.1.9.      Well Path Design

                    1.1.10.  Casing Design

                    1.1.11.  Drilling Instructions

                    1.1.12.  Deviated Wells /Horizontal Wells/ Extended Reach Wells

                    1.1.13.  Mud Program

                   1.1.14.  Drilling Operations

                   1.1.15.  Cementing Operations

                   1.1.16.  Well preparation for completion

                   1.1.17.  Completion design (Single and Dual Completions)

                   1.1.18.  Workover Operations

                   1.1.19.  Rig-less Operations

                   1.1.20.  Plug and Abandonment Operations

2.            Drilling Equipment and their technical impact on well cost

2.1        Rig Cost (Offshore/Onshore)

2.2        OCTG (Tubular)

2.3        Drilling Bits/PDC Bits

2.4        Wellhead

2.5        New Technology for Drilling Operations

2.6        Service Companies (Directional Drilling Services, Coring Services, Cementing Services, Mud Chemical Services, Mud Logging Services, OH/CH Logging Services Running Tubular Services, Coiled Tubing Services, Stimulation Services, Slick-line Services, Fishing Services, Logistics Services.

3.            Drilling Safety (HSE-MS)

3.1.      PPE

3.2.      Entry Permit

3.3.      Zones Definition

3.4.      Gas Detection (H2S and Hydrocarbon)

3.5.      Alarm System.

3.6.      Uncontrolled gas/oil kicks

3.7.      Blow Out Prevention


Language/ Langue : Français (mots techniques en Anglais)