Drilling Hole Problems



I– Stuck pipe prevention

1) Sticking Mechanism Categories

2) Solids Induced Pack-off

        a) Packing off-first actions

         b) Unconsolidated Formations

         c) Mobile Formations

         d) Freeing

         e) Naturally over-pressured shale collapse

         f) Induced Over –pressured shale collapse

         g) Reactive Formations

         h) Hole cleaning

        i) Tectonically stressed Formations

      3) Differential Sticking

      4) Mechanical & Well bore Geometry

        a) Other stuck pipe types-First action

         b) Key Seating

         c) Under-gauge Hole

         d) Ledges & Doglegs

         e) Junk

         f) Collapse casing /Tubing

         g) Cement blocks

         h) Green Cement

II– Technical Issues

1)  Hole cleaning

              a) Monitoring cuttings at the shakers (cutting catchers)

              b)  Hole cleaning

              c) General Factors effecting Hole cleaning

              d) Rig site Monitoring

              e) Vertical  and near vertical Wells

           f) High Angle ,extended-Reach Wells

*Characteristics of cutting Beds

*Hole cleaning in deviated wells-guidelines

*hole cleaningpills

*Drill string mouvment

*Back-reaming and Hole cleaning

*Surface Hole section

*Use of larger drill pipe

*Circulation Prior to connections or tripping

*Wiper Trips

*Trend information

*Washed Out Hole

*Hole Cleaning Charts

2) Washed out Hole

3) Best practices

a) Preventionof Stuck Pipe during routine operations

   * Reaming & Back reaming guidelines

   * Tripping-Deviated Hole

   * Connection guidelines

   *Surveying –stuck pipe Avoidance while surveying


   *Csaing & cementing


   * Coring

   *Well controlstuck pipe is secondary to well control

   *Lost circulation 

   * Air / Foam Drilling

   *Drilling with Coiled Tubing

           b) Prevention Drill string failure-a cause of stuck pipe

              c) Secondary Freeing Procedures

       *Freeing Flow Chart

       * Pipe release Agent (PRA)


          *Diesel Pills Important Points (exercice)

          *Free Point Indicators (FPI)


          d) Jars & Accelerators

      *Forces Required to fire Jars

        *Jar description (BOWEN Jars,Cougar & IPE)

        * Daily Jars

        *Acceleratos description

        *Jar & accellerator positioning

             - Guide lines for use of Jars in vertical Wells

               - Guide lines for use of Jars in deviated & Horizental Wells

Pipe stretch calculation example 1

Pipe stretch calculation example 2

Torque & Pull calculation example

Allowable Simultaneous torque and pull on drill pipe tube

Jarring Calculation Formulae

Exercice 1

Exercice 2

Exercice 3 (Freeing Stuck pipe)