Directional Drilling and Well Surveying



Chapter I: Surveying & Directional Drilling

1) Introduction

2) Designer well & Surveying Calculation

3) Directional Drilling & Survey Calculation

4) Survey Instruments

5) LWD: Logging While drilling


       *Gamma Ray

    *Neutron Porosity

     *Formation Density

6) Methods of deflecting a wellbore



      *Rotary BHA (Rotary BHA with adjustable Stabilizer)

      *Motor (Steerable motor)

      *Rotary steerable Assembly

    Chapter II: Drill Stem Test (DST)

    Chapter III: Procedures for Drilling a well

   1) 5 steps for drilling a well

       *Identify where the oil is

        *Rent your self  a Rig

        *Drill a hole

        *Run Casing & Cementing

       *Run your Completion

  2) Half time:Take aways

  3) Semi-detailed look at drilling a well

  4) Identify an objective & Target

  5) Design a Directional path to reach the target

  6) Selecty tools and services required

  7) Design & Executed of the drilling Program

  8) Drill String :     *The Bit & Motor

                              * MWD/LWD

   9) Drilling Mud

  10) Casing

  11) Cement

  12) Cutting Edge Technology we use