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OGIM - Oil and Gas Institute of Monastir, Tunisia 
The reference in oil training in Africa since 2008
**Registrations for the year 2023/2024 are open**
You have the baccalaureate (bac = High School Diploma), bac+1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 level, take advantage of an excellent specialized professional Diploma training, specific to each level, during one academic year, in the petroleum field at OGIM institute in Tunisia.
Admission Conditions:
You have the appropriate level of:
- Bac+5, Engineer or Master (bac + 4 after a desk review): apply for ‍
Advanced Petroleum Engineering Diploma
- Bac+3 or BTS (Bac+2 after a desk review): apply for ‍
Petroleum High Technician Diploma
- Bac, Bac+1, or you have a BTP or Bac level (BAC = High School Diploma): apply for ‍
Petroleum Production Operator Diploma
Diplôme d'opérateur de production pétrolière

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 Discover OGIM through a short presentation video (2 minutes): history, training, partners, recruitment:
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** Our students can benefit from a reduced price for the IWCF certification, at the end of the training **
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 Mobile & WhatsApp: (+216) 27 117 117
Registration form:
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 For more information, you can download our DETAILED REGISTRATION GUIDE 2023/2024 for Diploma Training Sessions, available in French and English:
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