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OGIM Graduation Ceremony : the 12th session 2019/2020

OGIM organized its annual graduation ceremony for the students of the 12th training session on August 28th, 2020.

This year’s ceremony was marked by the signing of a partnership agreement between  OGIM & OIT (Tunisian Order of Engineers), aiming at opening up new employment opportunities for young engineers.

During the ceremony, the outstanding students in each of  the three 2019/2020 training programs were awarded trophies  in recognition for their great accomplishments :

Petroleum Engineering : Guilmera, Josephat EFIRE OBIANG

Petroleum Senior Technician : Mohamed MEDINI

Petroleum Production Operator: Amjed ELLOUMI

This is a good opportunity to remind that, the success rate for the last Six IWCF certification sessions organized since May 2019 was 100% for four of them, and 82 and 91% for the two others .

Best wishes for continued success to all our graduates and  certified students

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