To register for the next session, international students whether sponsored or not:

1- Do send their registration requests (Click here) or directly by email (

2- A reply will be sent to each candidate within the coming days. Complements file will be requested in particular copies of certificates, diplomas and passport.
On the other hand, training Engineering and Senior Technician being in English, the applicant must submit proof of their English level and if necessary he must receive the OGIM "English Language Training" before the Oil training.

3- The candidates who met the criteria for selection are notified by email and receive a certificate of pre-registration and they are asked to pay the full costs of training.

4- After receiving the evidence of payment, the student receives a certificate of registration that may be required to obtain a visa from the consulate concerned.

5- The candidate is required to be present at least one week before the start of training to do the language test. Registration is considered final when language tests are successful. Otherwise, the student is reimbursed for training costs only, excluding any other fees.

Click here to show steps & procedures registration for international candidates

Authorization file stay of foreign students

1- 6 Photo (gray background)
2- Received receipt + copy
3- 2 copies of the first two pages of the passport
4- 2 copies of passport (last entry stamp / visa)
5- 2 copies registration OGIM
6 - Bank certificate / bank statement / receipt change currency / stock exchange
7- 2 copies of lease housing, legalized by the municipality