Petroleum Production Operator

Petroleum Production Operator Diploma

                                    Course Content



 Well completion and operations

 Downhole Production

 Surface production facilities and operations

 Rotating machineries

 Other surface facilities


Visits: 2 days

Total: (E/F) 350 hours + 2 days visits + Workshops

(F): Technical Training delivred in French.

(E): Technical Training delivred in English.

Who should attend: Bac (*), BAC+1 

(*): BTP Candidate or last year of Secondary School Level, without “Baccalauréat”, can be accepted after an OGIM upgrade training.

Diploma obtained: Petroleum Production Operator Diploma

Period of training: September 2022 to April 2023.

Fees for residents:
- (E/F) Technical Training : 7100 DT 

- (E): English Language Training : 1260 DT

- (F): English&French Language Training : 1260 DT

 Fees for non-residents:
- (E/F) Technical Training : 2370 €

- (E): English Language Training : 400 

- (F): English&French Language Training : 400